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'It's Time To Talk About Cancer!'

Article - Cover Image

Article 4 February 2018.

Article 4 February 2018.

Article : 4 February 2018.

To mark World Cancer Day, and in the spirit of the Paris Charter, we are highlighting our NATIONWIDE CALL TO ACTION for the integration of Natural Healthcare - with a vision to create a 'Sick FREE Nation'.

Dounne Alexander MBE (Natural Health Advocate, Author and Founder of GRAMMA'S & Joining Hands In Health campaign) is on a mission to create national / global awareness of the valuable contribution and health benefits that 'Natural Foods, Traditional Remedies & Holistic Practices' offer, not only for cancer prevention, but also for the maintenance of overall 'whole body' health.

In her mission to bring an end to unnecessary pain, suffering and the ever increasing death toll from diseases such as Cancer, in October 2017, Dounne delivered an unprecedented & insightful OPEN LETTER to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister (Mrs Theresa May), offering the 'Blue Print' for revolutionising 21st.Century Healthcare. In it she raises serious concerns about our currently outdated Healthcare System, which is in desperate need of balance, in order to offer greater consumer choice that will meet the healthcare needs of an increasingly sick society. This she believes can only be achieved if 'Natural Foods, Traditional Remedies & Holistic Practices' are integrated within the Healthcare System. Moreover, it will create a level playing field, as well as, open a unique opportunity to explore untapped solutions to widen the scope of treatments currently available.

Zara - The Face Of 21 Century Healthcare.

Zara - The Face Of 21 Century Healthcare.

ZARA - The Face Of 21st Century Healthcare.

Dounne also unveiled "ZARA" (pictured above) as the 'FACE of 21st Century Healthcare, alongside her inspiring story and legacy - the extraordinary 'ZARA'S Herbal Tea'… which in 1994 healed her from terminal 'breast cancer' in less than 6 weeks, after being told there was no hope of survival as the cancer was too advance, too aggressive, inoperable and therefore nothing (no medication, treatment or surgery) could possibly save her. However, by drinking the herbal tea daily, Zara survived for 5 years (the equivalent of 35 years for humans); no secondary tumours ever developed; had an amazing quality of life and eventually passed away, peacefully from old age. In 2008, Zara's tea was approved by the Minister for Public Health for use in hospitals and hospices (palliative care). And after 23 years of independent research on both humans & animals has since proved its effectiveness on cancer, as well as, a wide range of other conditions. Zara's tea not only encourages people to take personal responsibility for their own and pet's health, but also offers real HOPE for the future.

Dounne says "Many of my customers talk to loved-ones and friends about integrating Zara's Herbal Tea as part of a natural, non-toxic approach to healing cancer and other ailments. As shown in the testimony below, by this customer simply having a conversation with a dear friend, about her experience, fears, treatment, hopes and dreams for the future, it opened the door to untapped choices and new opportunities."

Lisa's Story


February 2018

In October 2017, 32 year old 'Lisa Wells' a young mother of 2 (ages 5 years & 13 months), was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal Bowel & Liver Cancer, shortly after the birth of her second child… and given only 2 -12 months to live. Lisa was also given the devastating news that nothing could be done to help her and was therefore offered palliative care (twice weekly chemotherapy). Lisa's story (like Zara's) makes yet another compelling case and answers 'why' Natural Healthcare should be integrated within the Healthcare System, especially when 'Conventional treatments' can offer no hope.

As #LisasArmyUK are fundraising for her children's future and Dorothy House Hospice, please share her story, and show your support. To read Lisa's story, please visit https://www.lisasarmy.co.uk/. (*Please note, because this issue is so important Lisa has agreed to share her story, however it is not an endorsement of Zara's Herbal Tea).

Update: on 11th March 2018, #LisasArmyUK will be running on Mother's Day to raise funds.

Transforming the Healthcare System

[ Dounne would like the UK Government to adopt ZARA'S Herbal Tea as the UK's 'first' Natural Health Tea, which could potentially save the lives of millions and our (much needed) National Health Service from financial collapse.]

Redressing & Restoring the Balance:


Dounne follows in the footsteps of her ancestors and the ancient 'Fathers of Medicine' such as:

  • HIPPOCRATES (known as the Father of Western Medicine) who established the Medical Oath: 'First - DO NO HARM' and famously quoted: "Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food".

  • And also PARACELSUS (known as the Father of Toxicology): who quoted: "All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it". And "The art of healing comes from nature, not the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature, with an open mind".


World Cancer Day is held on the 4th.February (every year), which aims to create global awareness; and encourage innovative solutions to improve 'healthcare standards, quality of life, prevent and eventually eradicate' cancer throughout the world. For details visit www.worldcancerday.org - #WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan.

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