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'Mrs Hales' - LUNG CANCER



Lung Cancer :

Mrs P. Hales, February 2011 -

Dear Dounne.

In August 2009, my husband Ken was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the lung. He was told there would be no treatment as the cancer had already spread, although they were unsure of the site of the primary tumour. We both thought he would not come home from hospital. He did eventually come home, but the shock of the diagnosis and loss of weight had taken its toll on his body, these were very difficult and dark days. A friend of my daughter sent a link to your site and she forwarded it to me. I spent time reading about the products and the tributes and felt very hopeful that this could work for Ken. I ordered a bottle of Zara’s tea, plus sachets of the herbs to brew it myself. This was in October 2009, so I had to produce some evidence of his illness to obtain the products. Since this time, Ken’s been having the tea three times daily with a spoonful of Colloidal Silver added each time. I have now become very proficient with the monthly task of brewing the tea. Ken is doing fine, he still has the cancer but he enjoys a quality of life – has a good appetite and is pain free. The medical team who he sees much less frequently now have told us that he has outlived their expectations and they always remark on how well he looks. I believe this is all down to your herbal remedies, but more to the point, so does he and he is not easily convinced.

I thank God for each day we have and strongly believe we have the right to use whatever methods we choose in our daily lives.

Thank you

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You can learn more about this product:


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