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Vet's Report:

Vet's Report:

Caroline R. Nicholson, (BVCX, MRCVS),

Goddards Veterinary Group.

"I examined Zara on 21 October 1994 and identified the presence of mammary tumours. I examined her again on 2nd' November'94, at this stage the tumours had grown rapidly. Zara was also drinking a lot, losing weight and her breathing was rapid and shallow. This suggested other major organs were involved, which was confirmed by blood tests showing elevated liver and kidney enzymes. I gave Zara a very poor prognosis and suggested she was taken home until her quality of life deteriorated to the point that euthanasia was our only option. I examined Zara again on 9 January 1995 and was amazed to find her in such good condition. Her lumps had almost diminished completely, her drinking and breathing were normal, and she was a good weight. Repeated blood test confirmed that the kidney was no longer functioning abnormally and all but one of the liver parameters had returned to normal. The one enzyme that was still elevated had decreased by 50%. During the period October'94 to January'95, Zara received no treatment from me. I believe she was given only a herbal remedy made by my client's mother and placed on a special diet. I have started another client on this herbal remedy. Again the dog was given a poor prognosis with a very large tumour present on the spleen and small tumours in the lung. She has been on it for four weeks and reports so far show the dog is much brighter, with a glossy coat and certainly not deteriorated. Rapid deterioration is the normal scenario in a case such as this."

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