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HEALTH FEATURE: GRAMMA'S® Activated Charcoal Powder

Health Feature:

Health Feature:

by Dounne Alexander MBE, (founder).

Activated Charcoal Powder - v - Fluoride/ Medication Poisoning & Addiction.


is actually an industrial toxic waste product manufactured by fertilizer industries (producing millions of tons annually) and contains aluminium, phosphoric acid and phosphates. In the 1930's the manufacturers used to discharge it in the air and waterways, which caused serious health damage (such as destroy the immune, digestive & respiratory systems, cancer, blood circulation, liver, kidneys, thyroid, brain function and premature aging); resulting in expensive lawsuits. Therefore, instead of paying out millions for disposal, the manufacturers cleverly convinced the Government, Medical Institutions to brain washed the general population that FLUORIDE is safe and beneficial for oral hygiene. It is now used throughout the world in our drinking water, toothpaste mouthwash and dental floss.

  • FLUORIDE was given to the Jews during 'world war II' (put in their drinking water) to make them complacent, docile and easy to control. It is still used in today's prisons for the same reasons.

  • FLUORIDE is the main ingredient in rat poison (as sodium fluoride) and is also in the anti-depressant drug 'Prozac'.

  • FLUORIDE also causes hyperactivity: can harm early brain development and lowers children's IQ. Furthermore, Fluoride can cross the placenta during pregnancy and be ingested by the fetus and could cause permanent brain damage to the unborn baby.

  • FLUORIDE occurs naturally in tea, fruits and vegetables at the safest levels for human consumption.


    (Extract from book 'A Mission of LOVE').

    There is no other place for waste to be disposed but in the ground, water supply or in the atmosphere and its all recycled back to us. Once we understand that everything we take in (i.e. eat & drink daily), we also let out as waste daily (i.e. excrement and urine) which all goes back into the soil and water supply and eventually returns to us to be re-consumed. NOW! Think of the millions of other synthetic medication & supplements on the market given to us by doctors or purchased over the counter in Chemists, Pharmacies and Supermarkets for every type of ache, pain, cough, cold, flu, birth control, stress, skin problems, stomach upset, allergies, depression, ADHD, chemotherapy, blood pressure, vaccinations, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, antibiotics, etc. Many new anti-depressant and pain-killers are far more powerful than morphine, heroine and cocaine and extremely addictive. When you consider that in the UK alone there are approximately 60 million people of which over three quarters of the population are taking some kind of artificial medication daily (hence over 50 million tablets per day). Now multiply this by one year, then by the past fifty years, only then you could begin to see the huge problem we all face. All these synthetic chemicals and drugs create a lethal cocktail in our drinking water and provide the ultimate reasons for reverse osmosis filtration.

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Ready to purchase this product?


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