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Joining Hands In Health:

'JOINING HANDS IN HEALTH' is an independent, not-for-profit, voluntary health awareness campaign. The first of its kind to embrace all cultures, animals and the environment. It aims to encourage everyone back to a more natural way of life, and to also take responsibility for their own health.

Our goal is to expose the life threatening policies planned by the European Union and ensure that our Government establishes a new legal framework for ‘Natural / Herbal Foods, Vitamins & Herbal Supplements’... to restore ‘consumer choice’ and protect the ancient principle that ‘Natural Foods are meant to FEED & HEAL’. Through this campaign we hope to stimulate a sea of change amongst Government Authorities and Regulators, leading to international acceptance of natural approaches to healthcare.

9 years on, since the launch of this petition, to-date (2019), the status quo remains unchanged, and although the UK Government is expected to leave the European Union, the Medical Establishment will continue to uphold, maintain & enforce 'restrictive UK Laws & EU Regulations' which prohibits 'Natural Treatments & Health Choice'. This effectively violates the 'Inalienable' Sovereign Rights of every UK citizen to take personal responsibility and control of their individual healthcare needs.

This year, we are calling for the 'Integration of Natural Treatments within the National Health Service (NHS)'; and aim to achieve at least 1 million signatures for presentation to the Government as 'THE PEOPLE'S MANDATE'.

In preparation for the largest national 'health awakening' the UK has ever seen, we are inviting everyone to JOIN HANDS with us on this historic journey of restoration, empowerment and HOPE.

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Connected Petition:

Connected Petition:

The Nation Speaks 'NO!' Not In My Name

(UK Petition).

This petition was launched in 2010 - calling on the UK Government to OPT OUT of the EU Food Supplements Directive, Codex Alimentarius and the 1939 Cancer Act, in order to safeguard our Human Rights, Health Choice, Natural Foods, Cultural Heritage & the Environment; plus 'small' health businesses and practitioners. Available to 'sign' online.


However as the Referendum in June 2016 voted the UK out of the European Union and Prime Minister (Theresa May) triggered Article 50 in March 2017... it may still take at least a further 2 years to be finally ratified, which means restrictive EU Laws & Regulations will still be enforceable. Nevertheless, because the UK & EU invested enormous funds to establish these Laws & Regulations: plus thousands of UK businesses were forced to spend enormous capital to comply in order to stay in business… poses an enormous dilemma for the Government on how these 'could or would' be changed to benefit all UK businesses. The vast amount of LAWS pertaining to different industries which will now need to be considered (i.e. abolished, amended or retained), plus the sheer volume and complexity of the task involved, means it will take several years (if not decades) to complete. Furthermore, as the UK also works closely with the American Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) to ensure the 'natural health industry' remains suppressed, coupled with the overall agenda of global enslavement, means we are still in the same boat… making the petition even more relevant today.

Global petition - Global Voices Unite/ was launched soon after to help sageguard people accross the globe.

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Additional Health & Choice issues:

Additional Health & Choice issues:

'GM Food Labelling'.

GM FOODS banned in the Houses-of-Parliament & Royal Households but approved for us to eat. WHY?

Although the Government cannot guarantee the safety of GM Foods; they have ignored calls for further research and also refuse to label them. This poses a further threat to our health and choice. Therefore, through Joining Hands In Health, we are also calling for the labelling of all 'GM' Foods throughout the UK.

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