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"Simply beautiful 'keep sakes or gifts' for any occasion. ",


'Experience the Magic'

We have always wanted to find something extra special to compliment and represent the work that we do at GRAMMA'S. This was found in the form of two beautiful crystals namely... the 'Bloodstone & Citrine' gemstone. Both symbolize the 'self healing & loving' ethos of GRAMMA'S, our products and campaigns… and make beautiful 'keep sakes and gifts' for any occasion.

These wonderful gemstones were traditionally believed to have powers beyond their allure… and were used in ancient times to help heal, balance, protect, stimulate, energize and inspire - (mind, body and spirit). Below are a few examples of the traditional ancient uses of these gemstones..

Remember to ask family and friends to please...

Remember to ask family and friends to please...

"Wear Your Support!"

Your support will enable GRAMMA'S to go from strength to strength, as proceeds from every sale will go towards supporting the business and our campaigns - namely the 'Joining Hands In Health campaign' and petitions THE NATION SPEAKS - "NO! Not In My Name and GLOBAL VOICES UNITE!"

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