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Can FOOD really HEAL?

"Let thy FOOD be thy Medicine & thy MEDICINE be thy Food."
Hippocrates - known as one of our ancient father's of medicine

"All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the Challenge of science is to find it."
Paracelsus - known as the ancient father of pharmacology.


GRAMMA'S products are 'natural' traditional herbal foods, used to strengthen the immune system, improve nutrition and optimize 'whole-body' health; rather than for the treatment of any specific disease or condition. However, scientific research has established a strong link between nutrition and many conditions.

With this in mind, GRAMMA'S is compelled by law to disclaim any 'health claims' that our products 'can either cure or prevent illness. Nonetheless, all claims made by individuals are based upon his or her personal belief and or experience after using GRAMMA'S products; and hence we are simply reporting true testimonials and findings.

NOTE: Where illness is concerned (or if taking medication) - please remain mindful of the important role the National Health Service, GPs, Natural Health Practitioners and Vets play (as the first point of call or second opinion) when making an 'informed choice'.

Remember - 'Your Health is your WEALTH... so make it your NO'1' priority'.

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