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Janet Clarke, (Lancashire), 19 October 2017 -

Dear Dounne,

When my dog 'Archie' was 4 years old, I missed his annual booster injections by 2 months, and was advised he would require the full course again! A month after the injections, we found a marble sized lump on his neck, the Vet removed it 2 days later having assured us it was probably innocent as he was only 4 years old. Sadly it was Fibrosarcoma, the Vet apologised for not taking a wider excision; the path report showed it had already reached the margins. I was told they could not offer Archie any help as the cancer would return in 4 to 6 weeks and was a very aggressive cancer. The Vet did say that they usually only saw this type of Cancer in cats at the injection site. I reminded her of Archie's full dose of injections the previous month. She said, "It's very rare in dogs!"

We were devastated; the cancer came back 5 weeks later, two new lumps this time. A family friend mentioned reading about the Gift in a newspaper article. I was willing to try anything, I also elected to try Homeopathy. The Homeopath was interested to know all about the Gift. About two months after starting the Gift and Homeopathy, the Homeopathic Vet sent Archie for a second surgery to remove the new lumps. The surgeon said his flesh looked very healthy and pink at the operation. Indeed, a week later we were told the two lumps they removed showed no cancer cells at all. Archie is now 13 1/2.

I have since recommended the Gift to lots of people, and also asked my sister to share her beloved dog 'Twiggy's story, who had kidney cancer and Histiocytic Sarcoma.

Kind regards,

Janet Clarke.

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You can learn more about this product:


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