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Inflammation busting smoothie recipe.

Inflammation busting smoothie recipe.

Dounne's Daily Delight.

(Organic 'Ultimate Omega Oil', Zara's Herbal Tea, Super-Greens Powder)

*This recipe makes up just under 1 ½ litre (2 ¾ pints), which will last for 6 days. . Pour into a clean glass bottles and keep in the fridge. Shake well before use. Drink 250mls (or ½ a glass) daily.

(300g) ripe Bananas (without the skin)
(300g) fresh Pineapple (include the core - contains the highest bromelain)
(150g) Cucumber (include skin & seeds)
(100g) green Granny Smith-Apple (include the skin)
(100g) fresh Blueberries
(200 ml) of water (or Organic Apple Juice)
(80ml) 4 tablespoons of Zara's Herbal Tea
(80ml) 4 tablespoons of Kefir bio-live cultured milk (optional)
(40ml) 2 tablespoons GRAMMA'S 'ULTIMATE' Omega Oil
2 dessertspoons (organic) Pineapple powder
1 heaped dessertspoon of GRAMMA'S Super-Green powder (coming soon).


  • SERVE:

Please note: All the fresh fruits should be organic if available. The sweetness of the smoothie depends on the sweetness of the pineapple and bananas you are using. Therefore, if it is too sweet for your taste, simply add a little more water. Alternatively, in the hot weather, add crushed ice to the daily ½ glass serving. . Although this smoothie contains 100% natural, fresh, raw fruits, however, fruits contain 'natural sugars', therefore do not exceed the daily 250 ml recommended intake.

(Coming soon) GRAMMA'S Super-Greens
GRAMMA'S Super-Greens powder will be available from October 2018. To be notified when this product becomes available, sign up to our Newsletter.

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