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GRAMMA'S® Cleansing Herbal Tea

Health Feature:

Health Feature:

by Dounne Alexander MBE, (founder).


One of the main causes of ill-health.

Whilst growing up in the Caribbean, it was customary for everyone to make sure they went to toilet at least once everyday; parents would also check their children's daily ‘habits’. If they did not go, it was an instant indication that something was wrong and that they could be getting sick. Therefore, they would be given a gentle 'herbal cleanser' to clear out any undigested food. As there was no National Health Service, mothers had to be extremely vigilant and therefore learned how to keep their family healthy and always had 'natural remedies' available at home. Although I have lived in the UK for over 50 years, to this day - myself and children still follow this tradition.

"Your bowel should move at least once a day."

Most people today are not aware that CONSTIPATION is one of the main causes of ill-health, which is affecting the majority of children and adults. The main culprits are - a diet on fast-foods, ready-made meals, fizzy drinks, refined / processed foods, alcohol, medication, sitting at a desk or in front of the television for most of the day, lack of general exercise... as well as over-indulgence during the festive seasons, celebrations, social events and annual holidays. Because of this many people's bowels (i.e. colon) have become so lazy, that they cannot go to toilet for a week or more. This causes undigested food (left in the stomach) to rot and become toxic, which poisons the blood stream; puts extra stress on vital organs and eventually leads to health breakdown. For the body to stay healthy (especially if you are suffering from a chronic condition such as - cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc), 'toxic waste' must be removed at least once a day. Furthermore, getting rid of excess waste will naturally keep your weight under control. This is where GRAMMA'S Cleansing Herbal Tea comes in.

As a powerful Herbal Cleanser, it actively stimulates and encourages your bowel-muscles to start working normally. This will improve digestion; support liver & kidney function; increase absorption of vitamins, minerals and oxygen… which in turn increases energy, circulation, respiration, concentration (helping you to feel brighter & more alert); as well as, improve overall health. Unlike ‘synthetic laxatives’ on the market that are extremely harsh; habit forming and destroys the intestines ‘natural flora’, our Cleansing Tea is not only 100% natural and has a very pleasant taste, but also gently gets your bowels moving (without stomach upset, cramps or pain) to gradually regain its own natural tone and rhythm.

After trialing this outstanding product for 1 year, our testers (male and female) commented that it gave them quick, comfortable and effective relief, plus noticed their 'skin' became cleaner, clearer, softer; and felt an overall improvement in their health.

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