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This powerful Immune Strengthener, Blood Cleanser, Blood Alkaliser & Energizer' - restores energy, improves overall health, wellbeing and balance. It's the 'MISSING LINK' in the food chain which complements food-nutrients by providing the balance between 'what we eat & drink' and is therefore vital for daily health maintenance. Although it is not a medicine, Zara's Herbal Tea is GRAMMA'S primary product for optimum health.

GRAMMA'S® concentrated Zara's Herbal Tea contains the whole 'tree-of-life' (i.e. roots, barks, stems, flowers and leaves) and is the first commercial product on the market to contain the rare 'African Bush Willow'. This wonderful herb contains 'Combretastatin' - researched and recognised by British & American scientists (for over 25 years), as one of the most powerful anti-cancer herbs.

Enhancing Overall 'Whole-Body' Health.

Zara's Herbal Tea is the first product to contain a unique combination of 16 'specific' medicinal herbs (including the rare African Bush Willow), plus 'sacred herbs'. All of which works in synergy as nature intended to create an extremely powerful blood cleanser; immune strengthener and overall health enhancer. The properties in this tea also increases energy; soothes & calms the nerves; aids nutrient absorption, digestion and the elimination of waste. Thereby stimulating the body's regenerative processes; supporting its natural defences to help fight off infections / disease and flush out toxins.

The 'Missing Link' in the food chain.

This amazing tea complements food nutrients by providing the balance between what we eat and drink, as 'food' does not efficiently clean or nourish the blood. This is a key factor in maintaining optimum health… thereby making Zara's Herbal Tea a vital 'missing link' in the food chain, that may not only help maintain good-health, but also stave off long term problems. it is essential for the daily health maintenance of both humans & animals. We believe this wonderful product to be the most complete, economical and effective herbal-food supplement available.

Zara's Herbal Tea is brewed in the ancient traditional way - steeped slowly over 2 days to draw out its health-enhancing properties. The water we use in our Ready Made teas are processed by 'Reverse Osmosis' (which removes up to 98% of dissolved solids, virtually all bacteria, pesticides, insecticides and viruses). Zara's (Ready-Made) Herbal Tea must be refrigerated and has a 3 month shelf life. This product is also available in Sachets (for home brewing) which has a 3 year shelf life.

Zara's Herbal Tea is available in: Ready-Made bottles (500ml) and Home Brew Sachets (6oz/170g). For everyday use, we encourage customers to use our home-brew Sachets, which produces up to 4½ (500ml) bottles of tea, making it exceptional value for the whole family and your pets. Dounne says: "I passionately believe that this wonderful tea is a true 'Gift of Life' and a 'must have' for everyone including animals".

Health Benefits

The ingredients contained in Zara's Herbal Tea are reportedly beneficial for and may help the following conditions:-

Cancer - heart disease - strokes - seizures - high cholesterol - indigestion - diabetes - food poisoning - viruses - incontinence - constipation - irregular & painful periods, menstruation (regulates blood flow and prevents clots) - menopause - fibroids - fluid retention - thins the blood (prevents clotting, thrombosis and heart attacks) - pregnant women (for morning sickness and increases nursing mother's breast milk) - arthritis - nausea - tiredness - skin disorders (spots, marks, dark shadows around the eyes, eczema, acne, psoriasis - improves the skin) - allergies - detox (eliminates toxins)- aids restful sleep - strengthens the immune system - aids cell repair - restores energy - speeds up healing - prolong life expectancy and enhances overall wellbeing. Additionally FOR ANIMALS: itchy skin - fur loss and reconditioning (i.e. making it thick and glossy) - colitis - irritable bowel syndrome - cuts - nervousness - calms aggression and hyperactivity - keeps gums & teeth healthy.

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Health Facts :

About the African Bush Willow- 'Combretastatin'

Dounne learnt that for over 25 years, British & American scientists had been privately researching one of the tea's key ingredients (The African Bush Willow) and had proven it to be one of the most powerful anti-cancer herbs (85% effective on cancer tumours)... hailing it as their biggest breakthrough. Subsequently, they have been developing a new experimental 'synthetic cancer drug' which has been approved by the American 'Food and Drug Administration (FDA)' and currently being trialled in selected hospitals throughout the UK. However, Zara's Herbal Tea effectively works in harmony with nature to improve overall 'whole body' health, rather than 'synthetically' targeting only one specific condition.

What is Combretastatin:
Combretastatins are a class of natural stilbenoid phenols. A variety of different natural Combretastatin molecules are present in the bark of the African Bush Willow. Despite having a similar name Combretastatin is unrelated to 'statins' - a family of cholesterol lowering drugs with dangerous side-effects.

Health Feature :

Health Feature :

The Origins of Zara's Herbal Tea

"Mum, if I became terminally ill like Zara, could you have me killed?"

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