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How to gain access to GRAMMA'S complete range of Herbal Products and Health Information.



On browsing this website you will notice that you do not have full access to all of our products and health information. This is a result of restrictive UK/EU Laws & Regulations which denies the public (i.e. YOU) from acquiring important (often life-saving) health information; plus access to safe, effective, natural, non-toxic products; and traditional practices... which have been used successfully for centuries. However as GRAMMA'S ethos is based on 'Natural Healthcare; Traditional Self-Healing; Education; and Personal Choice' - in order to give you access, we have created a special document called the 'DECLARATION OF TRUTH'.

GRAMMA'S Declaration of Truth is 'A Lawful Mutual Agreement' which enables you to exercise your INALIENABLE SOVEREIGN RIGHTS and FREE-WILL CHOICE.
Its purpose is to afford you the freedom to independently 'decide and choose' what you wish to eat, drink or medicate, plus, help take personal control and responsibility for your own, your family's and pets health. For this reason, if you wish to purchase our products or gain full access to this website, you will need to request & submit a completed Declaration of Truth form.

To understand the importance of Sovereignty; and to gain a more in-depth insight into the hidden 'global agenda' which threatens your life, rights and healthcare choices, please read the Declaration of Truth in full and visit our petition The Nation Speaks "NO" Not In My Name (or sister petition - Global Voices Unite).

[ PLEASE NOTE: Where illness is concerned, please remain mindful of the important role the National Health Service and / or Natural Health Practitioners play (as the first point of call, or second opinion) when making an 'informed choice'. ]

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