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Histiocytic Sarcoma :

Linda Saunders, (Essex), 19 October 2017 -

Hi Dounne,

My lovely dog 'Twiggy' is a labradoodle. She is bright, feisty, hugely affectionate and is a much loved member of our family.

In May 2016, on a normal walk with her chasing a ball and playing, I noticed she was peeing blood… 'bright red blood'. After two days of tests and scans, I was told she had a tumour on her right kidney which had burst, and needed to be admitted urgently to the Royal Veterinary Hospital in Potters Bar. She was 9 years old.

I was frantic and completely overwhelmed by this news, but took her immediately and left her in their care. The next day, the hospital called to tell me that her right kidney was cancerous and needed to be removed. Six days later, I brought her home and was asked to bring her back in a week's time for post op outpatients and to see the Oncologist to discuss her future treatment, which I did. I was given the dreadful news that Twiggy had Histiocytic Sarcoma… which is a deadly form of cancer that attacks the connective tissue and was incurable. I was told with Chemotherapy, I could possibly get 3 months. I was also told the Hospital had a record of a dog lasting 16 months, but that was very unusual and therefore 7 months would be the best I could hope for.

I said 'no thank you'. I already knew about Zara's Herbal Tea and elected to start her on it as soon as I got her home; which I did. That was 17 months ago. Twiggy is in absolutely fine fettle - she is amazing, full of energy and was back to full fitness within 3 months of having the surgery - it's hard to believe she ever had anything wrong with her at all.

I am so thankful I knew about Zara's Herbal Tea and the tremendous effort being made to keep it available for people like me, who want a viable alternative to conventional treatments. I have told so many people about Zara's Herbal Tea and will continue to do so. I know of at least two other dogs who have been diagnosed with a fatal cancer, who are using it, and are still doing incredibly well, months longer than they were given to live. I have also recommended it to friends for their own use. It is an amazing product and needs to be 'out there' so others can benefit from it.

All of the above doesn't go far enough to explain how indebted I am to you for continuing to produce this wonderful product because I still have my gorgeous dog, and she is in excellent health. I have also supplied the report I received from the hospital which shows how hopeless Twiggy's condition was. I am very grateful to the hospital because I have no doubt they saved her life, but I am in no doubt about what/who has prolonged it.

Thank you so much xxx

Linda Saunders

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