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It's time to revolutionise 'our' Healthcare system

It's time to revolutionise 'our' Healthcare system

In her mission to bring an end to unnecessary pain, suffering and the ever increasing death toll from diseases such as Cancer, in October 2017, Dounne delivered an unprecedented & insightful OPEN LETTERto Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister (Mrs Theresa May), offering the 'Blue Print' for revolutionising 21st.Century Healthcare. In it she raises serious concerns about our currently outdated Healthcare System, which is in desperate need of balance, in order to offer greater consumer choice that will meet the healthcare needs of an increasingly sick society. This she believes can only be achieved if 'Natural Foods, Traditional Remedies & Holistic Practices' are integrated within the Healthcare System. Moreover, it will create a level playing field, as well as, open a unique opportunity to explore untapped solutions to widen the scope of treatments currently available.

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To achieve this historic change, the Open Letter and Petition (The Nation Speaks 'NO!' Not In My Name) must go viral. Dounne is therefore calling on everyone's support to share this page with family, friends and colleagues; as well as Health Charities & Organisations (including Cancer Charities, drop in Centres, Support Groups & Clinics); Hospices; Holistic & Health Practitioners, Vets, Pet Parents and Animal Groups, GPs; Spiritual / Church Groups; 'Health and Political - Bloggers, Newsletters and Websites'; Local MPs, Local Newspapers & Magazines... that you know of, or are connected too.

The Power to change the HEALTHCARE SYSTEM is in 'YOUR HANDS'.

Please click here to CHANGE YOUR FUTURE

Article -

Article -

'It's Time To Talk About Cancer'

To mark World Cancer Day 2018, and in the spirit of the Paris Charter... please share this article with Cancer sufferers & associates. Read article here
ZARA - The 'FACE of 21st Century Healthcare,

ZARA - The 'FACE of 21st Century Healthcare,

In the Open Letter, Dounne also unveiled "ZARA" (pictured above) as the 'FACE of 21st Century Healthcare, alongside her inspiring story and legacy - the extraordinary 'ZARA'S Herbal Tea'… which in 1994 healed her from terminal 'breast cancer' in less than 6 weeks, after being told there was no hope of survival as the cancer was too advance, too aggressive, inoperable and therefore nothing (no medication, treatment or surgery) could possibly save her.

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