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More compelling reasons for the Integration of Natural Treatments within the NHS



My £54,000 cancer bill: 'It's like I've been left to die'

Albert Thompson has lived in the UK for 44 years; worked and paid his taxes. When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer he was told he would have to pay thousands for his hospital care because he didn't have the right documents. After Jeremy Corbyn raised his case in parliament, he tells the Guardian how the ordeal has affected him.

The truth about routine Mammograms

"This incredible video provides vitally important information that everyone with cancer should know, in order to make an informed choice on having surgery or using conventional treatment."

THE PROMISE - Narrated by journalist Carol Malone and bravely produced by Rosa Hughes (who healed herself from breast cancer) and husband Phil. Both are natural health advocates and owners of 'The Medical Thermal Imaging' company. Rosa and Phil are passionate about educating women and young girls on the potential dangers of mammography; and the benefits of Breast Thermography.

Breast Thermography is a medically recognized, non invasive, accurate screening method used for detecting disease at an early stage.

Website: http://www.medscans.co.uk

Mother against son being placed on cancer trial

Mother of two, Sally Roberts hit the headlines in 2012 when she reportedly ran away with her son Neon, claiming that the treatment offered by the NHS for his brain tumour, could be fatal, or cause irreversible long term damage.

Sally's sacrifice raised awareness of the benefits of the less invasive cancer treatment called 'Proton Beam Therapy'; and Natural Healthcare. She has detailed her harrowing experience in a book called 'THE TREATMENT' - (First do no harm) due for publication in 2019.

Mother says "it was difficult to persuade NHS doctors to get specialist treatment."

Ros Barnes, whose son Alex had proton beam treatment for a brain tumour in the US, says it was difficult to persuade NHS doctors to get him the specialist treatment. The mother of a young boy who survived brain cancer after receiving pioneering treatment in the US, says she sympathises with the parents of Aysha King. Brett and Naghemeh King were arrested in Malaga, Spain after taking their son out of a British hospital against doctors' advice.

British parents arrested over son's brain cancer treatment

The parents of Ashya King, a 5-year-old with brain cancer, spent a second night in a Spanish jail. They removed their son from an English hospital because they wanted a different treatment for his brain tumor. Mark Phillips reports.

Lisa's Story


In October 2017, 32 year old 'Lisa Wells' a young mother of 2 (ages 5 years & 13 months), was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal Bowel & Liver Cancer, shortly after the birth of her second child… and given only 2 -12 months to live. Lisa was also given the devastating news that nothing could be done to help her and was therefore offered palliative care (twice weekly chemotherapy). Lisa's story (like Zara's) makes yet another compelling case and answers 'why' Natural Healthcare should be integrated within the Healthcare System, especially when 'Conventional treatments' can offer no hope. Website: Website: https://www.lisasarmy.co.uk/.



The Founders Story...

DOUNNE'S Story...

'A stress factor too far'

Dounne's traumatic experience with the NHS led her to a surprising discovery.

"After having a severe reaction to the medication prescribed, the doctors answer was to offer me more of the same... in higher doses."

Founder Dounne Alexander shares the traumatic experience with the NHS which led her to a surprising discovery.

View article HERE //

Billy Caldwell 'could die' unless given cannabis oil, says mum

A severely epileptic boy suffered two more seizures overnight, his mother who wants to continue treating her son with cannabis oil. His mother Charlotte Caldwell, from County Tyrone, said she was "full of hope" that a solution would be found. Her son Billy Caldwell, 12, began using cannabis oil in 2016 to control his seizures but his most recent supply was confiscated at Heathrow Airport.

Real Lives, Real concerns, Simple solutions

Real Lives, Real concerns, Simple solutions

Discover truly amazing cancer recovery stories (and more) from people and animals who have used Zara's Herbal Tea, in our booklet 'CANCER WHAT'S YOUR LIFE WORTH?' here. >>

Dr Joan Barbara Simon (PhD, PhD)

"I could be dead but now I'm laughing: how to walk with angels"

"The doctor said it was too late. Soft medicine would be of no use to me now. I cried into my pillow as the visions of what I still wanted to achieve in my life flashed before me"...

Read Dr. Simon's unbelievable, but beautiful story - here. >>

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