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Help Dounne Revolutionize the Healthcare System



Dounne's 'OPEN LETTER' to the Queen and Prime Minister (Theresa May) and 'Petition' - THE NATION SPEAKS "NO! Not in My Name."

Take Action Today!


For a brief overview...

on the topics covered in this petition, please watch 5 minute the video 'Why Are We Dying To Be Healthy' (above).

Petitions - THE NATION SPEAKS and GLOBAL VOICES UNITE "NO! Not in My Name", brings a 'moral obligation' for all of us to embrace 'LIFE' in order to protect our Inalienable Sovereign rights, health choices, cultural heritage, animal welfare, natural environment and the future. However, to achieve this goal, we are inviting everyone to JOIN HANDS with us, in a selfless act of empowerment - to AWAKEN the world to the serious dangers we can no longer afford to ignore.

But this is only the beginning... to achieve success, we all need to stay motivated and spread the word daily. By spreading the word, we will be able to reach, teach and keep our 'universal family' informed, proactive and protected. The countdown to our FREEDOM starts with 'YOU'.

This year, Joining Hands In Health is calling for the 'Integration of Natural Treatments within the National Health Service (NHS); and aim to achieve 1 million signatures by the end of 2019, for presentation to the Government as 'THE PEOPLE'S MANDATE'.

✍ Please Sign Our Petition -

✍  Please Sign Our Petition -


To safeguard all of the above, we are urging everyone to SIGN petitions 'THE NATION SPEAKS or GLOBAL VOICES UNITE'. Click here to sign our petition TODAY. >>

Help Spread the Word - 'Far and Wide'

Help Spread the Word - 'Far and Wide'

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Joining Hands In Health's Nationwide Call To Action:
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Use #HASHTAG: '#NaturalTreatmentsInTheNHS'

in your social media messages.

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Please Sign up to our mailing list today, so we can keep you updated via our monthly Newsletter 'YOUR HEALTH.'

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Joining Hands In Health Campaign

Joining Hands In Health Campaign

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