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Planting the 'seeds of change'



ZARA - The Face of 21st Century Healthcare

"This campaign is dedicated to a beautiful angel and loving 'Spirit of God', who in her lifetime brought joy and healing into so many lives. I sincerely hope that the benefits of her herbal tea will continue to bring new hope, improved health and joy to the world."

Guardian, Mother & Friend.

The origins of our Campaign

The origins of our Campaign

For the Love of ZARA

In 1994 an extraordinary herbal tea healed Zara from terminal 'breast cancer' in less than 6 weeks, after being told there was 'no hope of survival', as the cancer was too advance, too aggressive, inoperable - therefore nothing (no medication, treatment or surgery) could possibly save her.

Click here to read Zara's incredible story. >>

Dounne Alexander's 'Open Call' for Change.

Dounne Alexander's 'Open Call' for Change.

In her Open Letter to the Queen and Prime Minister founder Dounne Alexander states -

[ I would like the UK Government to adopt ZARA'S Herbal Tea as the UK's 'first' Natural Health Tea, which could potentially save the lives of millions and our (much needed) National Health Service from financial collapse.]

It is our hope that Zara's Herbal Tea will be the catalyst to open the doors for other natural treatments, remedies, foods, holisitic & spiritual practices to be used within the NHS to provide a more balanced and effective Healthcare System. The two sections below demonstrates the importance of integration and consumer health choice.



Revolutionizing 21st Century Healthcare.

In the Open Letter, founder Dounne Alexander MBE unveiled 'ZARA' (pictured above) as the 'FACE of 21st Century Healthcare, alongside her inspirational story and legacy - the extraordinary 'ZARA'S Herbal Tea'.

From humans to dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses, snakes etc ... ZARA'S incredible Herbal Tea has been healing 'Naturally' for over 20 years; and has demonstrated the power of integrating Natural healthcare within everday life. In this section, people share some of their amazing stories and health benefits received Click here to view stories.. >>

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