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Why the 'Declaration of Truth' is so important




(Know your rights and exercise them).

We are all created equal with INALIENABLE RIGHTS endowed to us by the Creator (i.e. our God-given Rights) which cannot be taken or given away. Therefore, as 'flesh & blood' living - HUMAN BEINGS' we are free to independently make our own choices for our individual lives and are not governed by anything but our own CONSCIOUSNESS. This also makes us Sovereign. The most we can do with our Rights is to choose whether or not to exercise them.

A country's CONSTITUTION is a 'list of rights' we already have, but the LAWS created by Governments are Not Rights, but CORPORATE Statutes, Acts & Regulations which do not apply to us.



Government LAWS comes from Maritime Admiralty Laws which are the Laws of the water (i.e. the oceans), originally created to govern Corporations, businesses and vessels, but fraudulently imposed these rules to govern 'Human Beings'; misleading us to believe that they applies to us.

Maritime Admiralty Law: is a body of private international laws governing the relationship between 'private entities' which operate vessels on the oceans and was created to govern ships docking in foreign countries for the import and export of products and resources. It deals with banking and merchant affairs and 'NOT' Civil affairs. For instance, when a ship travels and docks (i.e. births) on foreign land, that nation takes custody of the resource and accounts for it with 'a Certificate' detailing the date of delivery (i.e. Birth Date); a full description of the product, plus an authorized signature. The Barron's Dictionary defines 'a CERTIFICATE' as a piece of paper establishing an ownership claim. So everyone with a BIRTH CERTIFICATE is defined as being OWNED. So who actually owns us?

In order to 'OWN' us, the Government created BIRTH CERTIFICATES which our parents 'signed'; completely unaware that it is a 'legal contract', actually selling their children as 'property' to the Government... to be used as asset collateral security for the payment of the country's debts (i.e. loans the Government borrow from 'private Bankers' to run the country). Therefore, your Birth Certificate with your name recorded in CAPITAL LETTERS representing you, is 'a legal Contract' which gives the Government 'legal ownership' of you. Blacks Law Dictionary defines 'an asset' as an item that is owned and has value. Therefore, we are extremely valuable to the Government, without us the country would not be able to function. So in return, the Government provides us with FREE 'State services' such as State Pension, Healthcare, Social Security Benefits, Social Housing, Education, etc).

As the Government is a CORPORATION, then through the BIRTH CERTIFICATE -Maritime Admiralty Law changed the meaning of the word PERSON (meaning a 'flesh & blood' living - HUMAN BEING) to a CORPORATION (i.e. a 'dead' piece of paper or document, meaning a non-living 'ARTIFICIAL' Person). Therefore, by 'signing' any Government 'legal document' such as birth and or death certificates, drivers license, vehicle insurance forms, tax returns, traffic citations, registrations and many other forms of documentations ... you are indirectly 'waving your rights' and lowering your status to that of the CORPORATION. You will notice that on all 'Corporation documents' your name is always typed in CAPITAL LETTERS, referring to you as a Corporation (i.e. the Artificial non-living Person on the 'dead' piece of paper).

Nevertheless, LAWS are created within a society and only applies to those who belong to that society. The society which created the laws we see being enforced today is called 'The Law Society' to whom Judges, Lawyers & Enforcement Officers belong. Therefore, as we are not part of the Law Society, their LAWS (i.e. Statutes, Acts & Regulations) DO NOT APPLY TO US. Only damage to another person or property (i.e. Civil Law) actually apply to us as 'flesh & blood' living HUMAN BEINGS'. *Civil Law supersedes Maritime Admiralty Law. These facts were deliberately hidden from us in order to deceitfully control and abuse our rights. Furthermore, as you were an innocent baby when your parents unwittingly 'signed' your Birth Certificate (on your behalf), means you did not legally 'consent' to the contract, making it a fraudulent document... therefore, you can choose to reclaim the freedom you were born with.

Remember that our ancestors, parents and we ourselves have been lied to for centuries, but we can break the cycle by educating ourselves & children and also preserve our RIGHTS by EXERCISING them.

'The TRUTH will set YOU FREE!'

1. REQUEST A FREE DECLARATION FORM :  'Declaration of Truth'.

1. REQUEST A FREE DECLARATION FORM : 'Declaration of Truth'.

Details here //

You may need Acrobat Reader to view or download this document. If it is not already installed on your computer please download a free copy here

2. WATCH:  Why Are We Dying To Be Healthy?

2. WATCH: Why Are We Dying To Be Healthy?

Learn how these Rules and Regulations are effecting you and your loved ones, through our contraverisal 5 minute video 'Why we are Dying to be Healthy?' Watch Video. //

As famously quoted by Albert Einstein

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

3. PLEASE SIGN: Our Petition!

3. PLEASE SIGN: Our Petition!

The Nation Speaks - "NO" Not In My Name (for UK Citizens) or GLOBAL VOICES UNITE! (for Global Citizens) - to safeguard YOUR Human Rights, Health Choice, Natural Foods, Cultural Heritage & the Environment... for today and future generations. View petition page. //

4. RESEARCH: Birth Certificates & Your Rights.

For a further understanding on the above topic and how it effects your everyday life, please watch invaluable video The Legal Deception of Legalese - Watch Video //

To learn more about your Birth Certificate and Rights, please search for the following, available on Youtube:

1. Dean Clifford:
2. David-Sidney-Rideout
3. Jack Otto: 'Forbidden Knowledge' (parts 1,2, 3,4,5,6).

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