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to safeguard YOUR Human Rights, Health Choice, Natural Foods, Cultural Heritage & the Environment.

The purpose of this video..


is to prevent Corporate Abuse from spanning the globe, by creating awareness of the grave violations threatening our existence. Both petitions THE NATION SPEAKS and GLOBAL VOICES UNITE, "brings a 'moral obligation' for all of us to embrace 'LIFE' in order to protect our human rights, health choices, cultural heritage, animal welfare, natural environment and the future. However, to achieve this goal, at least half the population (in every country) needs to sign one of the petitions. For this reason, we are inviting everyone to JOIN HANDS with us, in a selfless act of empowerment - to AWAKEN the world to the serious dangers we can no longer afford to ignore.

But this is only the beginning... to achieve success, we all need to stay motivated and spread the word daily. By spreading the word, we will be able to reach, teach and keep our 'universal family' informed, proactive and protected. The countdown to our FREEDOM starts with 'YOU'.

Please do something special today and sign one of our petitions
here today. >>

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