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Special Feature :

Special Feature :

Zara's Herbal Tea - 'The Gift of LIFE.'

It is very important to remember that the 'immune system' is our body's main defence mechanism which enables us to fight off disease 'naturally' and to stay healthy. Once the 'immune system' is weakened or damaged, we become susceptible to disease and constant illness, but when it's re-strengthened, the body will repair and heal itself. Most illnesses (whether major or minor) occurs because our 'immune-system' has been damaged (mainly from synthetic prescription medication or other toxic substances).

There are many 'natural foods & herbs' renowned for strengthening the 'immune-system, but Zara's Herbal Tea is in a league of its own because it's not only a powerful immune strengthener, but also a powerful 'blood cleanser', plus alkalizes the system. Therefore, it is not used for any specific condition, but to help us maintain optimum health. This is why our dog (ZARA - in whose loving memory the tea is named) recovered from terminal mammary tumours ('breast cancer'), after being given only a few weeks to live and told by the Vet that there was 'NO HOPE of survival' as the cancer was too advanced; too aggressive, inoperable and that nothing (no medication, surgery or treatment) available could possibly save her... therefore, euthanasia was advised as our best option. However, from a dog close to deaths door, Zara recovered quickly because the tea strengthened her 'immune-system', plus cleaned, nourished & alkalized her blood; her damaged organs (heart, liver, lungs & kidneys) were also restored and she suffered no negative side-effects. Additionally, by replacing commercial dog-foods with (home-cooked) vegan/vegetarian meals; plus regular daily exercise (walking) and 'full-body' massages - further improved the healing process. Thankfully, Zara went on to live for an additional 5 years (which is the equivalent of 35 years for humans); no secondary tumours ever developed; she maintained a good quality of life and eventually passed away peacefully and pain-free from old age at 15. Thereby making her extraordinary tea an essential daily drink for everyone (whether sick or healthy) for all ages including babies and animals.

Zara's Herbal Tea does not interact with medication; causes no side-effects and when compared with the cost of cancer drugs in 2016 of between £30,000 to £100,000 per person annually - whereas brewing Zara's Herbal Tea cost less than £1000 per person annually and more importantly, it can be integrated with medication and your daily lifestyle.

NATURAL FOODS are meant to 'Feed & Heal':

Although Zara's Herbal Tea is not a medicine, it has often healed when medication failed and is our primary product when suggesting the 'first step' for overall 'whole body' healthcare. However, please remain mindful of the importance of the National Health Service and Natural Health Practitioners as the 'first point of call or second opinion' when making an informed choice where illness is concerned.

By Dounne:Alexander MBE - (Founder).


In 1994, through spiritual guidance Dounne was given 'The Gift of Life' which healed her daughter's dog (ZARA) from terminal cancer. It was also the inspiration behind Dounne's 'Joining Hands In Health' campaign. The campaign is the first of its kind to embrace all cultures, animals and the environment - which aims to heal the world by encouraging everyone back to a more natural lifestyle and to take personal responsibility for their own health. To date, she has received overwhelming celebrity & public support... and is calling on you to 'JOIN HANDS' and become part of this historic journey of enlightenment, empowerment and HOPE. To find out more please visit - www.joininghandsinhealth.com and SIGN our petition - The Nation Speaks - "NO!" Not In My Name or Global Voices Unite, plus spread the word.

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