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Mast Cell Tumours :

By Mr Wallis, Essex.

"happy, mobile and having a quality of life not expected from diagnosis...."

!A few months ago, I bought Zaras Herbal Tea and then the sachet and made it up. I did this as one of my dogs, Amber, has been diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumours and I promised to update you on her development. She had xrays in Jan 09 and this showed a spread to the lungs, 4 tumours. I have now found this is unusual with the cancer. The second xray in April showed a slow progress in the 4 cancers in her lungs. An xray today shows no growth but a hardening of the tumours. Not sure what this means but it is not growing. I have been giving her Zara’s for the last 2 1/2 months and the vet has said he did think the cancer is not progressing as he thought it would. He was being diplomatic.Internet checks on MCT has indicated that if the tumour has spread prognosis is bad and life is reduced to 7- 18 months. It does not usually go to the lung. She is happy, mobile and having a quality of life not expected from diagnosis. I have spoken to the veterinary surgeon today and he said that if this is working then go with it. I have said I will supply the details of your products and he will investigate and approve if he agrees it is working. I have also contacted my pet insurers and they have also agreed to pay for alternative, if the vets approve it’s accepted in the treatment. Amber is also suffering from arthritis and she is being supplemented with herbs to treat this. Mast cell tumours kill quickly if spread to other organs. Zara’s Herbal Tea is hopefully restricting the spread and Amber will live her normal life span without this disease spreading. I also use the product for my own reasons but I will cover this at a later date.

UPDATE (2014):
Amber survived a further 5 years, but sadly passed away in (2016).

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