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The Origins of Zara's Herbal Tea



The Origins of Zara's Herbal Tea

"Mum, if I became terminally ill like Zara, could you have me killed?"

In 1994, founder - Dounne Alexander developed this extraordinary Herbal Tea for her daughter's dog (Zara), who was diagnosed with terminal breast-cancer and given only 2 weeks to live. The Vet confirmed that there was no hope of survival - as the cancer was too advanced, aggressive, inoperable and there was no treatment or medication available that could possibly save her - and advised euthanasia as their only option. Her daughter then asked an innocent and thought provoking question;- "Mum, if I became terminally ill - could you have me Killed?" So with nothing to lose and no one else to turn too, Dounne turned to her faith in God and asked for help. Through meditative prayer, she was given specific medicinal herbs (including the African Bush Willow & sacred herbs), and was instructed to brew them for Zara to drink 3 times daily. She was also advised to take Zara off all commercial dog foods and placed on a special home-made vegan/vegetarian diet; as well as, regular exercise and massage. The results took them all by surprise! One week later, from a dog close to deaths door - with a weak heart, failing kidneys, liver & lungs, incontinent, a high fever, erratic breathing, in excruciating pain and unable to walk - Zara became alert, wide-eyed, wagging tailed, pain-free and with so much energy she was running around like a puppy again.

Vet Report :

Caroline R. Nicholson, (BVCX, MRCVS),

Goddards Veterinary Group.

"I examined Zara on 21 October 1994 and identified the presence of mammary tumours. I examined her again on 2nd' November'94, at this stage the tumours had grown rapidly. Zara was also drinking a lot, losing weight and her breathing was rapid and shallow. This suggested other major organs were involved, which was confirmed by blood tests showing elevated liver and kidney enzymes. I gave Zara a very poor prognosis and suggested she was taken home until her quality of life deteriorated to the point that euthanasia was our only option. I examined Zara again on 9 January 1995 and was amazed to find her in such good condition. Her lumps had almost diminished completely, her drinking and breathing were normal, and she was a good weight. Repeated blood test confirmed that the kidney was no longer functioning abnormally and all but one of the liver parameters had returned to normal. The one enzyme that was still elevated had decreased by 50%. During the period October'94 to January'95, Zara received no treatment from me. I believe she was given only a herbal remedy made by my client's mother and placed on a special diet. I have started another client on this herbal remedy. Again the dog was given a poor prognosis with a very large tumour present on the spleen and small tumours in the lung. She has been on it for four weeks and reports so far show the dog is much brighter, with a glossy coat and certainly not deteriorated. Rapid deterioration is the normal scenario in a case such as this."

Within 3 to 6 weeks, she made a complete recovery... her blood became clean and cancer free, her heart & immune system was strong; damaged organs were restored; fur which had previously fallen out re-grew reconditioned, thick & glossy and she experienced no negative side-effects.

The Vet, (astonished with her speedy recovery), wrote a full report and advised Dounne to send it to the British Medical Association for research, but sadly they showed no interest. However, being a trained Chemical and Bacteriological Laboratory Technician, Dounne was advised by other medical professionals to set up an independent (in-house) research using herself, family, customers and their pets, to assess the tea's effectiveness on both humans and animals. The results proved equally astonishing not just on cancer sufferers, but also on a much wider range of conditions. Although the tea is not a medicine, it has often healed where medication failed she noticed it did not interact with medication or caused negative side-effects. The customer testimonies speaks for themselves.

Spiritual guidance also confirmed to Dounne that 'good or bad health' has nothing to do with 'genes', but with 'what we eat' and that the one thing we all have in common (including animals) is BLOOD, which needs to be kept constantly clean, nourished and alkaline; also keep our IMMUNE SYSTEM 'strong' in order to maintain 'good health', prevent and stave off illness.

Happily, drinking the tea daily, Zara lived for an additional 5 years, no secondary tumours ever developed and she maintained a good quality of life. In 1999, she eventually died peacefully from old age at 15; and the tea was named ZARA'S HERBAL TEA in her loving memory. It should be noted that her 5 years survival is the equivalent of 35 years for humans, which surpasses the standard 5 year remission for 'synthetic cancer drugs'.

In 2008, after 14 years of in-depth research proved the tea to be 'safe, effective & non-toxic', it was finally approved by the Public Health Minister for palliative care in hospitals and hospices. Sadly within 6 months, it was unlawfully banned by UK Regulator 'MHRA' ('The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency'), enforcing the EU Food Supplements Directive and 1939 Cancer Act.

Luckily Dounne was aware that British and American scientists had been conducting extensive research for over 25 years on the African Bush Willow, and were developing experimental 'synthetic cancer drugs'. The ban therefore proved controversial as it indicated serious conflicts of interest between the UK Regulator and the Pharmaceutical industry. The emotional effect of the ban was devastating, as it forced Dounne to watch helplessly, whilst customers and others suffered unnecessarily. From inception, she challenged the legitimacy of the ban, to keep her incredible healing tea available to customers, cancer sufferers and the wider public. Five years on in 2011, she finally found a 'lawful' way forward by creating a unique document called 'The Declaration of Truth' which enables everyone to exercise their Inalienable / Sovereign Rights (i.e. FREE-WILL choice) to purchase any product from the GRAMMA'S range.

Zara's story brought to light, 'lack of consumer health choice'; 'corporate corruption', and 'collusion within the 'Medical Regulatory Authorities'. This was the inspiration that sparked the launch of Dounne's health awareness campaign 'Joining Hands In Health' and petitions THE NATION SPEAKS - No! Not In My Name & Global Voices Unite...which aims to safeguard our rights, health choices, natural foods, cultural heritage and the Environment.

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