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100% Natural, Non Toxic, Non Addictive, Tasteless and Odourless

Charcoal is not a cure-all, but has been found to be effective against a wide range of conditions including cancer, high cholesterol, intestinal disorders, disease, infections, food, drug & chemical poisoning, neutralizes stomach acidity, acid indigestion, heartburn, candida, nausea, vomiting, ulcers, gas, flatulence, bad breath, haemorrhoids, colitis, fibroids, chron's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammation, pain and lots more. It can be used internally & externally to detox & cleanse; plus externally in poultices for all insect & plant stings, animal bites and infectious wound. CHARCOAL is effective for up to 2 HOURS in the body.

GRAMMA'S use finely powdered 'activated' CHARCOAL which has been found to be about half more absorbent than commercial charcoal tablets. Black in colour, although it is advisable to keep away from light coloured fabric or clothing, it can be removed (dependent on material) quite easily with soap powder.

Approved as safe for acute toxic poisoning by the American Food Administration and used in hospital (Accident & Emergency wards) to treat drug overdose and poisoning. For all the reasons above and more, this product is an essential 'must have' in every household.

IMPORTANT: CHARCOAL used for barbecues or fires are infused with poisonous petroleum and should never be used for medicinal or health purposes.

Health Research:

According to John Dinsley who states in his book - Charcoal Remedies, "We drink water filtered by it; breathe air scrubbed with it; eat food purified through it; wear clothes made with it; grow our food and flowers in it; go to war with it; preserve things in it; enjoy hundreds of dishes cooked by it; we move mountains with it; we make the night sparkle with it; we take it with us to the bottom of the deepest oceans and out into space; swim in water washed with it; paint or draw our inspirations with it; then we call upon it to clean up our many environmental mistakes. Not least and not last, medicinal charcoal plays an increasingly significant role in maintaining; restoring and enhancing man's level of health. No wonder we naturally warm up to it; it's the miracle that medicine missed". He adds:- 'Life is in the BLOOD'... and that perfect health depends upon perfect circulation". His book contains over 150 testimonies from all over the world and backed up by science.

According to Richard C. Kaufman BS, MS, PhD:

"Detoxification is an on-going biological process that prevents toxins (from infectious agents, food, air, water and substances that contact the skin from destroying our health). Chronic exposure to toxins produces cellular damage, diverse diseases, allergic like reactions, compromised immunity and premature aging".

Health Feature:

Discover the wonders of our Activated Charcoal powder

"Activated Charcoal Powder -v- Flouride / Medication Poisoning & Addiction."

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