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'Natural, Organic, Unrefined'

Recognized as one of the most bioactive, nutritious, alkalizing and delicious natural salts, this wonderful Sea-Salt contains the full spectrum of over 84 'live' essential sea minerals, trace elements, which is rich in electrolytes.

Health Benefits

The ingredients contained in GRAMMA’S Celtic Sea-Salt is reportedly beneficial for and may help the following:-

It also keeps the body alkaline; supports the immune system; regulates & normalizes blood pressure; maintains electrolyte balance; regulates metabolism; keeps the bones and body strong; helps brain cells to function; balances blood sugar levels; improves absorption of nutrients; plus enables the liver, kidneys, thyroid and adrenal glands to function efficiently; improves energy; prevents muscle cramps, dizziness, exhaustion and convulsions; flushes out mucous and congestion; controls saliva; regulates sleep and digestion. Additionally, it is antiseptic - and a natural anti-histamine effective for allergies, skin disorders, cancer, infections, bacterial disease, cuts, burns, radiation, plus lots, lots more.

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Can 'good' SALT reduce high blood pressure, strengthen immunity, improve your heart and overall health?

In the 1900's, a medical doctor named Jacques Loeb (from the University of California) put fish in a tank of water mixed with 'refined table salt', the same concentration of the salt in sea water. All the fish died. If fish can't live on 'pure sodium chloride' in dilute concentration, how can we? Another famous experiment was carried out by a French doctor named Alexis Carrel, who kept a chicken heart alive for 37 years by feeding it Celtic Salt. Celtic Salt is also a normalizer - it has the ability to bring back to centre, whatever function is unbalanced in the body. For example, if you have 'low blood pressure' it will bring the pressure back up to normal. If you have 'high blood pressure' it can bring it down to normal. Only natural substances can do this. Celtic Sea-Salt is the lowest in sodium and the richest in precious beneficial elements. Natural hand harvested Celtic Sea-Salt alone helps to maintain life; neutralizes toxins and detrimental bacteria, and enhances the function of our organs". Our bodies lose salt daily through urine and perspiration - therefore it needs to be replaced from our diet. However, to maintain good-health, salt should always be used in moderation.

Recovery Story:

TYPE 1 DIABETES (2016) -

The Wellbeing television channel featured an amazing recovery story about an American family (Mr, Mrs. Swerdlow) who raised their two sons on an organic, holistic diet. Around the age of 12, their eldest son (Zachary) suddenly became extremely ill and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The condition was so severe, they were told his pancreas was 98% dead; his body was burning fat for energy (causing acid build-up), which could lead to a coma and possible death. He was hospitalised; put on various medications and eventually stabilised, but told that he'd need to have 'insulin injections' for the rest of his life. His parents were determined to find alternatives ways to improve his health. Due to the prolonged stress, the family decided to go on a cruise to South America (coincidentally, the ship was called 'The Miracle'). The hotel they stayed in had a 'sea water pool' (which was filled directly from the sea every day). Their doctor advised them to test his blood 'before and after' exercising, and immediately noticed that his blood-sugar would drop dramatically after swimming in the pool. Upon returning to America, his mother decided to add 'sea-salt' to his bath, so he could have regular soaks. Thankfully, his parents were able to gradually wean Zachary off the daily insulin injections and combined with a healthy diet (including various supplements), his pancreas when tested was 100% restored and he was diabetes free.

Health Facts:

Sea-Salt is the world's first antiseptic - used since creation as a 'food & medicine'. In particular for personal hygiene, cuts, burns, mouth / throat and nasal wash, healthy gums, infections (ulcers, irritations, thrush) and especially after tooth extraction to stop bleeding; avoid infections and speed-up recovery. From ancient times to today, people still believe that bathing in the sea (as often as possible) is important for good health maintenance. Therefore, for all over personal hygiene, it is a good practice to wash in a solution of Celtic Sea-Salt at least once a week.

  • Table and other salts can seriously endanger your life.

  • A low salt-diet can actually raise your blood pressure; plus make your heart and organs work harder.

  • Lack of 'good-salt' can cause accelerated aging.

  • Lack of 'good-salt' can literally cripple your health; cause anaemia, liver failure; kidney problems and massive adrenal exhaustion; plus loss of sexual ability (impotence and frigidity).

  • On a salt-free diet the valves of the heart muscles can tire, lacerate and cause a fatal heart attack. It also slows down recovery from illness.

Health Research:

Health Research:

Dr De Langre, Ph.D

Dr De Langre, Ph.D. (known as 'The Salt Man'), who has studied the health benefits of salt for over 30 years says - "everyone is born in a salty solution (i.e. our mother's amniotic-fluid is a salty 'mini-ocean' for the fetus). This is why our blood, sweat and tears are salty. It is probably the best proof we have that cellular structure is enhanced by good-salt and why we need all the ocean's minerals as part of our make-up. Good-salt is energizing, extremely healing and vital for life. Refined table salts are unhealthy, poisonous and toxic to the body because they include harmful chemicals, bleach and anti-caking agents, producing pure sodium chloride, void of any life-force energy. Our body runs on salt...without it, we would run out of electrolytes and without electrolytes our human batteries die out. There are more than 84 elements found in the ocean, which we need to help us function properly. 'Celtic Sea-Salt' contains every element - the perfect balance of minerals, nutrients and sodium chloride needed for optimum health. Celtic Sea-Salt should not be confused or compared with 'ordinary sea-salt', 'mined' or 'macrobiotic salts' as most of these also lose at least 90% of the essential minerals through mechanical harvesting, artificial processing & heating and often comes from the same refinery as commercial 'table-salts'. Refined table salts are very white and dry. In America, doctors condemn salt and take heart and high blood pressure patients off it, but in France, they give these patients 'good salt' as a nutritious food". Doctors from Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, England and Africa seek his wisdom on salt. Dr. De Langre recommends 'unrefined Celtic Sea-Salt' for everyone including those with high blood pressure and heart problems.

"Dr De Langre, recommends Celtic Sea-Salt as the best for health maintenance

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